When bad things happen, the light still shines

I am always reminded of all the darkness and tragedy in the world…the recent Paris attack, the Syrian crisis, the countless shootings and cultural/religious tensions. At the same time, the humanitarian response to these same situations is humbling and beautiful. The flickers of light shine through the cracks of blackness. This bittersweet and random state that we live causes anxiety in people — and our children. It is our opportunity to help bring the understanding that the light still shines when bad things happen.

ChristtheKingRecently, I had the opportunity to play for a few schools, the first was Christ the King school in Mississauga, and the other was in downtown Toronto. The first was with a group I am with that promotes peace through indie music called One Fire Movement. A group of artists, Jessica Speziale, Christian Bridges, Dean West Tony, Roost and myself sang some songs. We played the video “One Day” for the kids and they stood up and sang along. It was precious.

At both schools, we shared a few songs about peace and light and again the kids sang along. My intention was to show them that they can write songs to cope with the world and to have a way to express themselves.

This Christmas season, I love the music and the chance to “shine my light” in whatever way I can. Giving is truly an opportunity to shine. There are countless opportunities in our communities….food banks, shelters, toy drives and around our family dinner tables. I wish you are your beloved ones a wonderful season!

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