Walking with Angels – new song and video release!

Walking with Angels was written by Karl Machat and Heather Hill. Karl is a beautiful piano player and I was excited to write a song with him. However, I usually write songs on the piano so I wondered how this would go. It went well. It turns out that we wrote the song in my tiny living room one afternoon from start to finish. He played and I sang and the words just came out.

What is the song about? Cowriting can be challenging if you can’t find a common topic. It turns out we found the topic by finding something we both love to do: walking by the shore. As we explored the topic of walking we learned that both of us liked long walks. Although Karl likes to go on all day walks. I try to carve out a few hours.

Sometimes when life is hard, walking is a great way to work things out. We both shared the experience of thinking through problems and receiving clear answers on our walks. With the rhythm of our footsteps and the waves on the shore, we solved our challenges. In addition, on occasion both of us felt we had seen and felt our angels/guides beside us…shadows, wings, a sixth sense.

Looking back over our footsteps gives us perspective about how far we have come. However, looking forward and rising over the shore creates hope and inspiration about what is to come. The work is what is before us in the present. We go one step at a time towards our dreams. We fall in love with our path regardless of how hard or easy it is.

I hope you enjoy the song. A shout out to Karl Machat for cowriting the song and mastering it, Harrison Fine for mixing it, Julian Decorte from Cantebury Music Company for recording it, Connor Hill for drone footage, and Brendan Albert and Harrison Fine for photos.

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