Toronto Songwriting Guild plays at ABC on March 12th

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Posters Mar 12, 2015Hi my friends, what a long winter. We can see the end! While it has been harsh in the city with record-breaking lows, it has been warm on songwriting front with record breaking highs. I have never written so many songs with other artists while working on opening my heart as big as possible. 

I have a few fun things to tell you about:

I recently completed a publishing deal with a company in LA so I am excited my songs will see some airtime in film or tv.

There’s a new song/live video for you to hear called “We are the Same“. It was part of a compilation project by One Fire Movement with all proceeds going to the incredible work by Warchild. You can get a copy at…it is a win-win!

The Toronto Songwriting Guild that I lead is showcasing their amazing original songs on March 12th at the Amsterdam Bicycle Club at 9pm in Toronto. A must-see!!!

Sending warm hugs!!!



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