Who wouldn’t want to swing on that trapeze? The making of Stupid Happy

Launch May 22nd, 2014 at the Positive Music Imperative Show in Toronto

I am super excited to be launching my first official video “Stupid Happy”. I recorded the song in 2013 with a FACTOR grant (thank you FACTOR). It was clear from the beginning that the song needed a video because the story is so fun and vibrant. There was only one problem…I didn’t have a hot clue how to make a video. (Photo: Chris Sechwyn and Meghan Seavuzzo)


When at First you Don’t Succeed.

This video has been a real learning experience – I learned how little I knew about making videos. The first attempt, with my dear talented friend Lisa Anita Wegner, didn’t quite work because I hadn’t really figured out what visual story I neededin order to match the magnetism of the song. The second try came together this past March with a lot of help from my film and music friends, Orville Heyn and Julia Paton.

Getting stupid happy…

2014-02-23 15.08.49   Stupid Happy is a song about being unapologetically over-the-moon happy and not caring who knows it! The lead character defies giving into labels. She is unafraid of revealing her true self to the world and feels liberated as a result. It’s a song about knowing one’s desires and trusting them implicitly. The video mirrors the story-line of this quirky, alt-pop song. (Photo left to right: Meghan Seavuzzo, Maddy Eddyall, Heather Hill, and Isabel Kanaan).

Wings of Desire

The lead character is a woman in love. The nature of her feelings is reflected through the various scenarios that arise in the video. The film “Wings of Desire” was a muse for my character’s look in this video. The look helps to emphasize the character’s flight to a place that is both ridiculous to us and yet fills us with a feeling of wanting the same experience. The Lead character has the effect of empowering others. Through her, others give themselves permission to be stupid happy as well. (Photo Left to right: Aynsley Saxe, Heather Hill, Meghan Morrison, Sarah Prodan)   IMG_2320

The Team

Thanks to our director, Julia Paton, an accomplished actor and director who teaches on faculty at Seneca College in the Acting For Camera and Voice Program, and to her wonderful acting friends and students, this video came to fruition. Also, to Orville Heyn, who co-wrote and produced this song. He also wrote the story, constructed the set and was production supervisor on the video.   2014-02-23 14.12.46 (Left to right: Heather Hill, Meghan Seavuzzo, Maddy Eddyall, Julia Paton, Chris Sawchyn, Orville Heyn, Ray Hussain, Andrew Ruggiero– missing is Isabel Kanaanv)

The team of actors brought the story to life: Christopher Sawchyn (Everyman), Isabel Kanaan (Doctor), Meghan Scavuzzo (Backpacker), Maddy Eddy (TV Cooking Show Host). My friends Meghan Morrison, Aynsley Saxe, Sarah Prodan joined me in the final chorus. My children, Ava and Connor Hill performed in the opening piano scene! Suzanne Cyr did the hair and makeup for the entire cast. Ray Hussain and Andrew Ruggiero were on lights and cameras. They also edited and did effects respectively.

Finally, thank you Seneca College. It was a delight filming in your studio with your faculty and students! A world-class facility!


Music Credits

LV – Heather Hill

Pn – David Restivo

El GTR & AC GTR – Eddie Paton

AC BS – Russ Boswell

DR – Paul DeLong

Banjo – Tim Posgate

BG – Jill Harris BG – Orville Heyn

Produced by Orville Heyn

Recorded by Nathan Carter Moore at Humber Studios and Orville Heyn at OH SPOT Studio

Mixed by Nathan Carter Moore at NCM Sound

Mastered by Reuben Ghose at Mojito Mastering

Song by Heather Hill and Orville Heyn


Video Credits

Director – Julia Paton

Story – Orville Heyn, Christopher Sawchyn

Producers – Orville Heyn, Julia Paton

Executive Producer – Heather Hill


Trapeze Women – Heather Hill

Actors – Christopher Sawchyn – “The Everyman”, Isabel Kanaan – “The Doctor”, Meghan Scavuzzo – “The Backpacker”, Maddy Eddy – “The Cooking Show Host”.

Extras – Meghan Morrison, Aynsley Saxe, Sarah Prodan

Children – Connor and Ava Hill


Production Supervisor – Orville Heyn

Editor – Ray Hussain

Lighting/Camera Operators – Ray Hussain, Andrew Ruggiero

Effects – Andrew Ruggiero

Make-up/Hair – Suzanne Cyr

Studio – Seneca College at York University Campus



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