April 22, 2013

Packed House for Aynsley Saxe’s Debut CD Release

Photo by Saxe

Photo by Saxe

Last night I attended Aynsley Saxe‘s CD Release of “Take me as I am” at the Hugh’s room in Toronto. She had an incredible crowd of friends, family and fans. There was an enormous amount of love in the room. The sound was excellent and the food and service were fabulous.

Bryan Pickell, a charming singer-songwriter, opened the night with an array of quirky acoustic guitar songs ranging from crickets and ducks to a solo piano meditation song. My personal favorite is his YouTube song. He had the crowd singing along and even dancing in the aisles (Kat Leonard!).


Bryan, Heather, Aynsley

Aynsley Saxe, a classic beauty with a wide range of talents, graced the stage and took us for a fun ride. Her lovely voice was mesmorzing on her title track “Take Me As I Am”. I still have the chorus in my head. Her last song “Stop, Drop and Roll” was my personal favourite (the fireman song) and was clearly fun for her to perform. Her Peter Gabriel and Glen Hansard covers were filled with passion!

Saxe’s band was first class: John Jamieson (keys and also Saxe’s producer) Tom Evans (drums), Adam Langley (guitar), Dennis Papadatos (bass), Meagan Ballantyne (cello), Alex Chung (violin), Carson Freeman (tenor sax), and Jill Harris and Lydia Persaud (back-up vocals). I think everyone should be able to have the chance to play with such pros as often as possible!

What a fun night and lucky for me, I won a t-shirt. I tried it out this morning as I walked past my local firehall!

Heather, so glad you got a shirt!!! Thanks so much for your amazing job hosting the night. Your intros were incredibly touching and I love hearing your impressions. How did it go at the firehall? hahaha xox


Love my tshirt! It was a real pleasure for me to introduce two of my favourite people! All the best with your album!! Still walking by my firehall every chance i get ;) xo


Reblogged this on life with more cowbell and commented:
A truly great evening of friends and music. Here’s what singer/songwriter – and the evening’s MC – Heather Hill had to say about Aynsley Saxe’s “Take Me As I Am” CD release party.


Thanks Heather!! And thank you for being such a staunch supporter of songwriters & indie artists. You are so generous with your knowledge of the craft, as well as the industry, and you dedicate so much time to helping others grow. Your own talent as a performer & songstress blows me away. I consider it a blessing to know you and thank you for your neverending support.


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