“My Tiny Living Room Series” Launched

I have learned that  my music is well suited to intimate settings and spaces. My living room in Toronto is where my songs are written and cowritten with my fellow artists. I love sitting at my grand piano in front of a big bay window overlooking the street. There is a fireplace at my back. I play my piano, write and sing every single day…it is like my meditation and therapy all in one.

I have been asked to share these creations with you. Since I cannot fit you in my living room as there is only room for two chairs, I am recording and capturing live performance videos and homemade footage for your pleasure. I am super excited to announce these “Tiny Living Room” songs. Every month I am going to put out a song and video that I write in my living room. This is a primarily acoustic set of songs that are more intimate and reflective in nature. I do hope you enjoy these songs. I will put them into a CD format when the songs are complete.

The first of the series was “I Rise”. This song was written to comfort a dear friend of mine struggling with a life threatening illness. It is my gift to you.

The second song is “Walking with Angels” by Karl Machat and me. Similarly this song was cowritten in my living room. While it was not recorded there, the magic of composition happened there. This one speaks to how walking on the shore heals you. On a few ocassions we have felt we rubbed shoulders with our angels and guides.

Stay tuned, there are many songs to come! Enjoy. I would love to hear what you notice and how it makes you feel.





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