Let Go – New Song Release

Let go of what?

This new song has a few meanings for me. The first meaning has been my journey of change and evolution as a singer/songwriter. After years of co-creation and even giving up my voice, I thought I would try creating a song from start to finish all by myself: I write the song, play and sing the song, produce the song, record the song and make my own video. Well, “Let Go” is the first time I have done created an end-to-end. I did have some helpers as I am terrible at actually recording, mixing and mastering (thank you Cantebury Studio, Misters Mastering House and my son).

Another meaning of this song was a subject I have been intimate with. Letting Go of what no longer serves me is always on my mind. What don’t I need? Well, I don’t need to control what others do, the conditions for things to happen, or how I think things should roll out. Each time I release what I don’t need, I create room for more love and healing in my life. I can control how I feel and how I show up–that is it! I let go of my need to depend on others to release my song. Doing it completely on my own, represented a new freedom for me.

I have a dear friend who has been fighting hard for his health for many years. I noticed when we were together that he was dealing with “letting go”. While the medical prognosis was dismal, there was always hope for healing. What could he let go of to receive his healing? Could he let go of his suffering, the prognosis, his conditions for healing? If he could let go, what could happen? If he created an opening, could love expand into the gap? I hope this song reaches him and loves and heals him deeply as it has for me.

My question to you is, what could you let go of?


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