If you like ovaries…Come out tonight!

10294284_10152400284794254_663156940845138550_nTONIGHT, June 4th at the Cameron House at 8pm in Toronto, a group of uber talented female singer-songwriters — Angela Saini, Kat Leonard, Jessica Speziale, Melanie Peterson and Heather Hill, are gracing the stage to raise awareness and money in support of Ovarian Cancer Canada.

Why? Ovarian cancer is the most serious of all gynecological cancers. Over 2600 Canadian women are diagnosed every year; and every year 1750 women succumb to this disease. Symptoms are varied, vague and easily missed. Until there is a reliable early detection screening test awareness of the signs & symptoms is our most powerful tool. The organization is not funded by government or pharmaceutical companies – it is funded by you and I.

Nearly a year ago a group of talented Canadian indie artists joined together to offer a compilation CD called “She’s Listening. We raised money to produce this CD so we could offer it for sale at the Ottawa Region Walk of Hope. We are doing it again! Can you help us change lives, promote the cause, while enjoying music that heals, soothes and inspires?

Artists contributing to the CD include Jenny MacDonald from Antigonish, NS; Angie Arsenault from Montreal, QC; Sophia Radisch from Ottawa, ON; Sarah McClurg and the Wild Vines from Ottawa, ON; Kristine St-Pierre from Ottawa, ON; Tessa Duc from Ottawa, ON; Deanna Wells and Trina Nadeau from Ophelia Syndrome in Hamilton, ON; Marta Pacek from Toronto, ON; Andrea Ramolo from Toronto, ON; Heather Hill and Kat Leonard from Toronto, ON;  Nicole Coward from Toronto, ON, Angela Saini from Toronto and Joy Phillips from Toronto. Can’t wait to see you there tonight!!!

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