Happy Holidays – “I Wish Every Child Had a Christmas”

I wrote “I Wish” in December for a One Fire Movement concert that was meant to bless as many children as possible at Christmas. Along with CP24/CHUM Christmas, One Fire Movement and Tony Roost collect presents and give them to kids in need at Christmas across Toronto. As I thought about this concert, I wanted to write the perfect song that expressed what I wish for every child. Simply put, “I wish every child had a Christmas”.

Have a listen to “I Wish” and imagine the difference you could make in giving a child a Christmas. It excites me to think about what one person can do and then what an entire group of inspired people could do to love and care for our children.

I wrote and performed this song live off the floor at Cantebury Music Studio in Toronto. Thank you to Julian Decorte for recording and mixing and to Karl Machat for mastering.

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