Gratitude = Abundance

Grateful HeartSometimes when you are focussed on the wrong things, you get more of those things. Back in the spring, I was contemplating giving up my music. I have enjoyed many moments in my music, but I was unable to see my way to the next chapter. I could see that all of my efforts were coming up short, and it had all become really hard work — writing, playing, practising and performing. The part about being a musician that I used to enjoy had left me.

Then the shift happened. A wise friend advised me to focus on what I was thankful for in my life. I started writing pages of gratitude everyday. What happened? I became unglued. I gave up my need to “figure it out” or even to “share it”. My disdain for my music, turned into exploration and creation. I was thankful that my fingers still knew where to go on the keys. I was thankful for my voice which could still navigate the melodies that came from my heart and mind. I was even more thankful that the songs I used to know were all still there.

From there, I have sat down at the piano each day and just played. Usually after a quiet time meditating or praying about what I was grateful for, songs have been coming. They are different than I am used to…I am not stopping them because they don’t fit what I used to do or what I think they should be… Honestly, I am quite nervous to share them with anyone. I am not there yet. All I wanted to say to you is that when you hit a wall in life or with your passion, you can fall in love with it again when you have a thankful heart. Thankfulness turns to abundance and “Thankfulness is a magnet for miracles.”

Hugs. Heather


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