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Leuty Station Earworms!

In artist, inspiration, Music on August 2, 2012 at 10:22 pm
Heather Hill is touring her new album, Leuty Station, this summer– with the happy-vibe spreading Lily C! Heather Hill launched Leuty Station May 2012. Warning: it causes ear worms, that entertaining condition whereby a catchy tune boogies in your head throughout the day even when no tangible music is playing.
Heather Hill’s voice is like liquid love, with robust rumbling lows, ethereal highs and a plethora of delicious tones in between. She’s one of those singers who can convey a story and/or emotion with the sound of her vocalizations without lyrics– and then she’s got good lyrics too! The amazing thing about Heather’s lyrical stories is that they are very specific and often very literal with a truth that can give you shivers. Leuty Station Earworms! « katblahblog.

New Canadian Music Review

Toronto, Ontario

Comparisons of Heather Hill to the singer-songwriter Tori Amos are inevitable. The piano-driven and rock-backed compositions are similar, but the content on Hill’s album is less obtuse and dark than Amos’s style. Many of the songs on Leuty Station are written to be inspiring power ballads or lighthearted major key tunes, like the horn-embellished song “Between the Leather and the Lining”. Head over to Hill’s blog for a track-by-track dissection of the songs on the new record.
— Noah Siegel, New Canadian Music

Review by Alex Cunningham

May 21, 2012
Artist: Heather Hill
Album: Leuty Station

Creating music has not always been the job of this Canadian singer/songwriter Heather Hill. Before creating Listen in 2005 and her subsequent current release Leuty Station, Hill actually had a position working in the corporate world.
Now the question is, what and where exactly is this Leuty Station that she titles a song as well as the whole album after? Leuty Station actually refers to a 1920s lifeguard station located in Toronto. As Hill was out for a run on one stormy day she found respite in this station. Ultimately, it allowed her to rejuvenate and to renew her sense of self, which led to the creation of this whole album.

Her new album Leuty Station has a lot to do with the day-to-day life of women as well as the struggles that women are liable to face throughout a lifetime. Her songs are truthful and it seems as if she has personal knowledge of what she is talking about; she has a way of coming across as very intuitive. The album begins with “How Long,” a tune about a woman who is up against the possible diagnosis of breast cancer. As her doctor utters the words that no woman ever wants to hear, her world is turned upside down. Her whole perspective on life changes and suddenly an unrelenting sense of dread surrounds her. “Wading Through Normal” also tells about tough times, though this one details the daily life of a mother who is constantly struggling to make ends meet.

The Powerhouse women musicians feature!

May 2012 Issue.
Posted on May 8, 2012 by Lizzie Violet

Leuty Station is like walking into a beautiful dream and not wanting to wake up from it. Each song is a story of a life event that everyone can appreciate and associate a part of their own life with. It’s hard to pick just one favourite song as the album is a mix of all the music genres I love. As the sounds of Jazz, Latin and R&B flow out of my speakers, I find my self entranced with every single song.
How Long and Strawberry Girl are both powerfully touching songs. One is about the fear of a cancer diagnosis and the emotions one goes through and the other about two people who have been married and madly in love with each other for over 50 years. The listener will be gripped by the vivid power of the words and lyrics. The Powerhouse women « Lipstik Indie Reviews

Beach singer releases debut album

Posted By Beach Metro News On May 3, 2012 @ 1:39 pm In Arts & Entertainment

With her jarring opening chord, Heather Hill asks the demanding question: “How long it will be before you’re gone?”
This track marks a strong start to Hill’s debut CD Leuty Station. This Beach singer-songwriter is not shy at all in her approach to her music. Arrangements are full of instrumentation, including a lush string section on the title track, and Hill has the voice to carry this bold debut. Hill eschews the temptation to fall back on romantic ballads to showcase her obvious vocal talents, preferring to tell stories with a much darker outlook, and using her voice to make the emphasis all that much clearer.

The musical arrangements, for the most part, are what you might call muscular. The guitar work of Eddie Paton, bass playing by Russ Boswell and drumming by Paul DeLong are supplemented with a string section, as well as percussion, horns and a 14-piece choir. Beach singer releases debut album | Beach Metro Community News

Cadence Canada Review


Though Heather Hill may not be a name that most people are familiar with, the Torontonian has just released her second album, Leuty Station, homage to the issues women face in life. It’s hard to imagine, when you hear her voice, that Heather was ever a corporate vice president. Unlike a lot of modern musicians, Hill doesn’t sound overly processed; she sounds like a natural.

According to the artist’s website, Hill classifies her music as “piano-centric, indie-rock.” But that’s not all that shines through. “27” is one of the faster songs on the album, and it starts off with a bass sound similar to that in reggae tunes, while “You Won’t Leave Me,” on the other hand, is a slow song that has a jazz feel complete with horns. Heather Hill — Leuty Station : Cadence Canada Music