April 15, 2014

Positive Music Imperative Launches it’s First Show!!!

PMI Kickoff poster!

Join us Thursday April 24th at 9pm at the Amsterdam Bicycle Club to spread positivity through music. This is our first of many positive music events with a great lineup. If you would like to contribute your amazing indie music, please come and chat with us!!!

March 26, 2014

Wonderfest 2014 Sunday April 6th at 7pm


posterwonder96 (1)

Sunday, April 6 at The Revival Bar we’re having workshops and networking and concerts, oh my!

See artists like: Madette, Brendan Albert, Alissa Vox RAW, Ashley Martinez, Rosita Stone, Candice Sand, Dan Curtis Tompson, Vanessa McGowan, Sarah Jean Villa, Emily Nowicki, Dorothy Knight, Niki Andre, Ernie Vicente, Emilia, Heather Hill, Meghan Morrison, and of course Arlene Paculan and Kat Leonard!

March 9, 2014

PMI Compilation CD for February 2014

2014-02-FEBRUARY-438x438The Positive Music Imperative just published their February compilation CD and playlist. You won’t want to miss the lineup of positive indie artists which include:

1. Heather Hill – 27
2. Heather Fraun – Be The Change
3. Patrick Ballentine – Move a Mountain
4. Paula Lynn Walker – Live Your Life
5. Victor Crowl – Here We Go
6. Laura L’Rock – Light My Fuse
7. Melissa Lewis – Do Not Give Up
8. David Shanhun – I Believe In You
10. Clela Errington – Little Sparrow
11. Joe Passion – Secret to Happiness
12. Rosemary Ashley – Greatest Gift
13. Steve Didunyk – Man of Few Words


February 12, 2014

Poetry, Music, Shannigans

Please join us at The Central at 603 Markham Street for our monthly Poetry Cabaret. The last Thursday of every month promises to be a spectacular evening of poetry, music, trivia and great food!


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January 21, 2014

PMI Compilation CD for January…Be inspired!

PMI-Compilation-January-2014-438x438The Positive Music Imperative just published their January compilation CD and playlist. You won’t want to miss the lineup of positively inspiring artists which include:

1. Leiza Alpass
2. Matt Gerber
3. Kat Leonard (cowrite Heather Hill)
4. Victor Crowl
5. Songbird
6. Jessica Blake
7. Robbie Hancock
8. Melissa Rebronja
9. Guy Stefan
10. Angela Saini
11. Melanie Peterson
12. Troy Horne

January 21, 2014

Toronto Songwriting Guild at the Amsterdam Bicycle Club on Feb 6 at 8:30

TSG poster Feb 6 show - high res 8.5x11I am excited to announce that the Toronto Songwriting Guild will be playing original songs in a songwriting round at the Amsterdam Bicycle Club in Toronto on Feb. 6th at 8:30pm. Performers include Bryan Pickell, Aynsley Saxe, Cody Fenwick, Heather Hill, Kat Leonard, Meghan Morrison, Matt Gerber, Sarah Prodan, Lawrie Ingles, Joanne Ingrassia, and Clela Errington. The Toronto Songwriting Guild formed five years ago in Heather Hill’s basement to help develop the songwriting craft in her writing circle. The Guild meets each month and performs once or twice a year. This will be a super fun night and it is always inspiring to hear so many diverse stories, styles and talents!

December 20, 2013

PMI Compilation CD for December 2013

Positive Music Imperative Your Best Life 2013 Album CoverPositive Music Imperative has published it’s first compilation CD/playlist to end 2013. This compilation is the first of many incredible positive songs to come from indie artists. This project is aimed at promoting the music of artists who are commiting to changing the world with their edifying stories and talents. On this compilation you will hear the following artists:

1. Matt Gerber
2. Songbird
3. Luka
4. Heather Hill
5. Emellio Zarris
6. Arlene Paculan
7. Heather Frahn/Nick Weaver
8. Lily Cheng
9. Joe Passion
10. Danika Holmes
11. Melissa Rebronja
12. Leiza Alpass
13. Sara Westbrook
14. Troy Horner
7. Victor Crowl

November 29, 2013

Postitive Music Imperative Network is Collecting Positive Songs!

Positive Music Imperative Your Best Life 2013 Album CoverAround a year ago, I made a wonderful connection with a man named Victor Sinclair. After a few tweets, emails and telephone conversations, I learned about his passion — his positive philosophy and online community. I was so intrigued with his generosity, background, and ideas, that I wanted to volunteer some of my time to help spread positivity through music.

The first Positive Music compilation CD is entitled Your Best Life 2013 – and it is coming out next week!! Stay tuned. The second compilation is due out in January and the songs are focused on gratitude.

What is the Positive Imperative?

The concept of the Positive Imperative/Positive Music Imperative is to develop a collaborative, collective social enterprise to create a legacy of positivity through education, action, and programs like these Positive Music Imperative (PMI) compilations. We want to invite independent musicians to participate at whatever level they think is appropriate for their career and time commitment.

What is Positive Music?

Join us submit your music and together well make a differenceJoin us submit your music and together well make a differencePositive music is in a category of it’s own – these songs have been considered the most popular songs of all time; for example, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Harold Arlen and EY Harburg, “I can see clearly now” by Johnny Nash, “Respect” by Aretha Franklin, “Imagine” by John Lennon, and “One” by U2. While Positive Music is not new, it comes in any style or genre, from any country and culture, and from every age group and persuasion. Through its lyric and melody, this music shares the quality of being edifying, motivational and value-based.

The Urgency

We know that music has the ability to change individuals, communities and the world like no other force we know. The need for positive music has never been greater. There are many stressed and depressed people trying to balance all of their roles in life. Teens feel isolated and some are even taking their lives. Children are angry unloved, lonely and powerless. In fact, the WHO identified mental health as our number 1 issue for humanity to face on the planet.

While Positive Music is not a panacea, combined with a holistic program of personal support, encouragement and retraining, it has the best opportunity to steer the mind into healthy thinking patterns that will support the individual. Just think, if it takes 1000 plays of a song on radio for a listener to be familiar with it, wouldn’t it be great if that song could heal, change, energize, lift, fill, and bring people together.

PMI’s Intention

The aim of Positive Music is to inspire, build, energize, love, calm or change the listener. It can also serve to create both individual and social awareness/consciousness. PMI wants to honour the artist while providing a gift to the listener.

The Business Model

We believe strongly that distributing Positive Music is a very viable means to provide a second or even multiple income streams for the participating artist. We also believe this is a unique opportunity to leverage the community in at least two ways:

1. If you participate in such a great socially-consciousness creative community, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with many like-minded singers, composers, musicians and producers.

2. On the marketing side, we also strongly believe that as we unite as one brand, we will have much greater penetration in everything we do. In this model, we will be able to cross-pollinate such great talent and also “band it”, under the PI/PMI brand. Think of the “Motown” concept — one of the most successful collaborations in the history of recorded music.

The Album

We will have two versions of each album. One album is entirely music. The other album is a magazine version with some spoken word and artists doing a 30 to 90 sec. introduction about the meaning of the music. All albums will be electronic at this point for environmental, operational and technological reasons. PMI will develop the artwork and will make it available electronically.

Submit your Song

Send us your positive Music

If you are an unsigned musician and you have a well-crafted, well-recorded, mixed and mastered song that delivers a strong vocal and instrumental performance of a positive story or message, please send me a Soundcloud link or mp3 file to heather@heatherhill.ca. When I receive your email, I will send you a document outlining the business model, timing and requirements.

Let’s change the world with positive songs!

November 23, 2013

CareerBuzz Interview CIUT 89.5 — Nov. 6, 2013

Heather and Leigh Anne Saxe on CareerBuzz CIUT 89.5 on Nov. 6, 2013

Heather and Leigh Anne Saxe on CareerBuzz CIUT 89.5 on Nov. 6, 2013


I had the opportunity to be on Leigh Anne Saxe’s segment of Career Buzz earlier this month Nov. 6/13 on CIUT 89.5 (University of Toronto Community radio). What a fun time being interviewed by Leigh Ann Saxe who is a happiness coach! What a job right?

If you would like to listen into the radio show, here is the attached segment (it starts at 4mins)!!

Interview with Leigh Anne Saxe and Heather Hill on CareerBuzz…

September 11, 2013

From Co-op and Corporations to Music: Alumna Heather Hill


Posted on September 11, 2013 by Jennifer Harris

Heather (Pirie) Hill’s website describes her as a “performing songwriter” with “roots in piano-pop rock.” But she also has roots in UWaterloo’s English department, with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Arts degree in Language and Professional Writing. Given the different ways she’s applied her degrees, Heather seemed a perfect choice for a blog post.

JLH: What made you choose Waterloo?
HH: I chose Waterloo for the Applied Studies (Co-op) Arts program. I was very interested in rhetoric, philosophy and literature and wanted to experience the practical application of this education in industry. In addition to acquiring practical skills during my work terms like public relations and marketing writing, I was also able to pay for my degree with my co-op term earnings.

JLH: You’ve had an interesting career trajectory. Can you tell us a bit about it?
HH: I have had a very unorthodox career! Prior to university, I earned a piano performance degree from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. My first love has always been music. I decided instead of pursing another degree in music, I would expand on my other passion…words. It was fun to deviate from the rigors of daily practice and focus on writing. I ended up doing most of my work terms in technology. When I had completed my MA, my first full-time job combined marketing and technology.

I then learned that I loved product marketing. My employer at the time, Bell Canada, paid for my MBA in Marketing and Strategy at the Schulich School of Business. From there I joined a series of high tech start-ups. I worked on business plans, positioning, marketing communications, PR, promotions – whatever was required. After many years in management, I decided I needed to return to my music. I quit my VP of Business Development role with a wireless start-up, sold everything and went backpacking. Crazy right?

While traveling, something incredible happened…songs started pouring out. I was able to use my classical music training and my love of words. Finally the two worlds collided. I met my now husband (also a math grad from UWaterloo) and we moved to New York City. I cut my first album and we had our first baby. The rest is history – I am a mom, a musician and an active follower of all arts. I write songs with other artists, I perform across Canada, and I work on placing my songs in TV and film.

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