Roots in piano pop/rock, stems from gutsy stories, and blooms with positivity.


Stupid Happy is Heather’s new FACTOR-funded single.  Stupid Happy is an upbeat, quirky alternative pop song about being unapologetically over-the-moon happy and not caring who knows it! It’s a song about knowing one’s deepest desire and trusting it implicitly. Read more about the making of the video.

A Second Chance

When Heather left her corporate high tech career behind to pursue music, most people thought she was crazy. But, she knew that she had a second chance to find her way and follow her dream of inspiring others with music, art and stories. Getting on the right path and finding her purpose has been life changing.

She met her husband, made her first album in New York called “Listen” and started a family. In Toronto, while raising her two small children, she continued to hone her performing and songwriting skills to then successfully release and tour her second album,  “Leuty Station”.

Heather is ever-expanding her music and life to find new ways of giving back. She is working on her third album, writing songs with other artists, and working to license songs. She has just released her new video and song that was funded by FACTOR called “Stupid Happy”!

As part of her commitment to “be the change”, she runs a thriving healthy snack program at the local public school, and is busy helping promote music programs for children. She runs a monthly Toronto Songwriting Guild to foster a strong songwriting community. With her involvement in the Positive Music Imperative, Heather helps promote her fellow indie artists in positive music compilations.  (Read more)….

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