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Spreading love with powerful vocals, haunting piano and profound song-stories.


Stupid Happy – her first Factor-funded release and indie video brings a smile to anyone’s face. As the title suggests…the video isn’t serious! Stupid Happy was produced and developed by a few selected students and faculty at Seneca College as an experiment in fun. Enjoy.


We Are The Same This song and video were produced by One Fire Movement for it’s last compilation CD to raise money for Amnesty International and WarChild Canada. The song was written after tragic school shooting in response to my son’s question wondering why such bad things happen to innocent people. All we have is our choice to rise up and be the flicker of light in the darkness. We are stronger when we are unified in peace, love and light. In essence, if we realize that “we are the same” it is harder to hurt each other. We are love, we are divine, we are the same.


My intention as an artist is to create beautiful music to bring you joy and inspiration. Welcome to my site and my music. I am a performing songwriter, and grateful for this gift of words and music. I am fully committed to sharing and co-creating music and sound healing to increase the world’s consciousness and love.

I am humbled and thankful to be a part of such a vibrant musical community.  After a lifetime of learning and performing, my contribution is my ability to encourage and connect others, to heal, and to share stories that cause expansion. My voice and my songs are the culmination of my life journey.

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