Singer-Songwriter with roots in piano pop, and songs that stem from gutsy stories that bloom with inspiration.


Stupid Happy – her first Factor-funded release and indie video brings a smile to anyone’s face. As the title suggests…the video isn’t serious! Enjoy.


We Are The Same This song and video were produced by One Fire Movement for it’s last compilation CD to raise money for Amnesty International and WarChild Canada. The song was written after a mass shooting in a school. My son asked me why such bad things happen. This song came to me after I responded to him. Bad things happen, but it is our choice to rise up and be the flicker of light in the darkness. We are stronger when we are unified for peace, love and light. In essence, if we realize that “we are the same” it is harder to hurt each other. We are love, we are divine, we are the same.


My intention as an artist is to create beautiful, inspired music to engage the bright light in you. Welcome to my site and my music. I am a performing songwriter, completely grateful for this gift, and fully committed to sharing and co-creating to bring more love and peace to the world.

I am always humbled and thankful that I am part of such a vibrant musical community.  After a lifetime of performing, I see that my contribution is my ability to encourage and connect others, to heal, and to share stories that embrace growth. It is the culmination of my life journey — school, tech career, travel, giving back, healing, coaching, and relationships — that has influenced my voice and my songs.

I was fortunate enough to work with late Ann Rucket, a reknown music coach in New York City. On her recommendation, I wrote and recorded my first album, “Listen” with producers Steve Addobbo of Shelter Island Sound and Tony Conniff. I played in some exciting rooms in NYC from the Cutting Room and the Makor Room to Cafe Vivaldi. There I got my first cut on a compilation CD for an off-Broadway play.


Next came came “Leuty Station“, recorded in Toronto with Orville Heyn, a talented composer, teacher, and producer. This album was an amazing experience — recorded at Humber College, with some incredible Canadian players such as Paul DeLong, Eddie Paton and Russ Boswell. I toured in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia and received some wonderful reviews and radio/TV coverage. I even got to play at Lop Lops the Sault with Greig Nori and Bill Priddle (Treble Charger). So fun!

I am busy songwriting with other recording artists, working on my third album, and licensing to film and TV with my publishing partners. My first “indie video” featured a FACTOR-funded alt-pop/folk song called “Stupid Happy”! What a great adventure working with some creative Seneca Film School students!

As part of my commitment to “being the change”, I am actively working with youth to encourage health and wellness. I work with a variety of outreach organizations to provide music to raise money for their causes, such as One Fire Movement, Amnesty Int’l and WarChild Canada. I run a monthly Toronto Songwriting Guild to with seasoned songwriters to help encourage grow each other’s craft. (Read more)….

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